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Murphy: ‘The Message of New Hampshire is, [Bad Word] Iowa.’

Richli- I mean, Republican political consultant Mike Murphy, a few moments ago on XM’s POTUS08:

“Nobody was more surprised by Hillary’s victory than her own campaign. They were down at Kinko’s, making copies of their resumes, when the returns came in.”
Murphy’s worked for both McCain and Romney.
“Mitt keeps saying he’s getting the silver medal, but if he doesn’t get the gold soon, he’s not going to last long in the Olympics. If Mitt can’t win one on Tuesday, his campaign will be in really, really tough shape.”
Bob Shrum, veteran consultant to every major losing Democratic presidential candidate in recent years, is now on, and he believes independents voted for McCain because they thought Obama had it wrapped up. He also notes that the way that Obama talked about Iowa in New Hampshire, he appeared to suggest that by voting for him, the voters of New Hampshire could shut down the process, wrap up the entire Democratic primary, and Shrum believes that voters didn’t want the process wrapped up just yet.
Murphy: “The message of New Hampshire is, ‘screw Iowa.’”


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