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That Must Be One Super-Secret Survey

David Ignatius, writing about Obama’s pick of Leon Panetta to head the CIA in the Washington Post yesterday:

A quick survey of CIA sources indicated support for Panetta among a workforce that is notoriously prickly — and that has demonstrated an ability to sabotage bosses it doesn’t like.


How extensive was this survey?

This would be the Panetta who served on the Iraq Study Group, that Ignatius raved about?

The Panetta whom Ignatius quotes when he wants an expert on good government performance? The one he said Bush should turn to in formulating Iraq policy instead of anyone in his White House?

The same Panetta who does panel discussions on NPR and at the Council on Foundations with Ignatius?

How many CIA personnel out of the estimated 17,000 (the exact number is classified) were willing to tell a Washington Post columnist who appears to be on good terms with Panetta that they don’t like the appointment of the guy who may become their next boss?


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