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NARAL: Don’t Worry, Herman Cain, We Still Hate You

In a very strange way, the national pro-choice group NARAL has done Herman Cain a favor. Nancy Keenan, president of NARAL Pro-Choice America, issued a press release denouncing him, saying in an open letter:

Let’s start with the things we agree on: you are 100 percent opposed to a woman’s right to choose abortion care–even in cases of rape or incest–and have made that position clear on numerous occasionsEnd of story.

So, if any of Cain’s rivals attempt to argue in some future debate that his pro-life bona fides is shaky, he can point out that he’s not only pro-life, but that he’s been denounced by name by NARAL for his opposition to abortion.

Having said that . . . “abortion care”? That’s a real phrase now?

Did Kervorkian offer “death care”?