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The Need for a Federal SNOB Act

On the ubiquity of structures, buildings, roads, and other projects named after Robert Byrd in West Virginia, I am told this perfect anecdote: “Fred Thompson jokes about traveling through Mississippi with Trent Lott a few years ago, and noticing how Lott’s name was basically plastered over all sorts of buildings, roads, bridges, schools, and what not. They passed through one particularly Lott-heavy town, and Thompson notices a school with some nondescript name, and says, ‘Hey, Trent, you missed one.’”

UPDATE: David Castillo, GOP candidate in Washington’s 3rd congressional district, writes in: “If elected, I will introduce legislation that will forbid any building, road, museum, etc. built with federal dollars from being named for a living member of Congress or family member.I am thinking about calling it the Stop Naming Our Buildings (SNOB) Act.”


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