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Neither Jindal nor Crist Want to Talk About Running for Other Offices

This morning on Meet The Press, David Gregory tried to get Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal to say definitively whether or not he would run for higher office:

GOV. JINDAL:  It’s my–if the people of Louisiana will have me, I absolutely want to be governor for the next seven years.  Now, that’s up to the voters of Louisiana.  We’ve got a lot of work to do at home.  We’ve cut taxes, we’ve grown the economy, we’ve reformed ethics laws.  We still have a lot of work to do.

MR. GREGORY:  So if you win, you will serve out your term.

GOV. JINDAL:  I want the people–yeah, it’s my intent to, to run for re-election.  If they elect me to serve as governor, I will…

MR. GREGORY:  You’re not ruling out a run for the presidency?

GOV. JINDAL:  What I’m saying is I’m running for re-election.  I have no, no plans beyond that.

Also, Florida governor Charlie Crist was vague when asked about one option in his political future:

MR. GREGORY:  Let me ask you about your political future.  Would you like to run for the Senate in 2010?

GOV. CRIST:  I don’t know.  I’m focused on Florida.  And I think it’s important in my case–we’ve got a session that begins the first week in March. I’ve got to get through what’s happening in the Florida economy.  I’m focused on that and that’s where my, my focus has been and will stay.

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