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A Nevada Democrat Starts to Sweat Her Health-Care Vote

ABC’s Jake Tapper finds another “yes” vote in the House that’s looking iffy.

In today’s New York Times, Rep. Shelley Berkley, D-Nev., a Yes vote last November, expressed a hesitation to vote Yes this time.

The reason? She’s unconvinced that the Senate will pass the “fixes” to the Senate bill that the House is being asked to vote for (along with fixes), and she’s not crazy about the Senate bill without them.

“I am not inclined to support the Senate version,” Berkley said. “I would like something more concrete than a promise. The Senate cannot promise its way out of a brown paper bag.”

I wonder how Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid feels about a member of his own party and home-state delegation saying that.

This would be the Shelley Berkley who was talked about as a possible replacement for Reid; however, she polls statewide 27 percent favorable, 27 percent unfavorable, and 46 percent have no opinion. (The high “no opinion” isn’t that surprising, as she represents only one-third of the state’s population.)

Still, with Harry and his son, gubernatorial candidate Rory Reid, at the top of the ticket and both polling miserably, Berkley can’t count on much support from the top of the ticket. Craig Lake and Joe Tatner will compete for the right to take her on.

High unemployment, a horrific housing market, and two dead weights at the top of the ticket. Berkley isn’t the weakest Democratic incumbent in this neck of the woods — Dina Titus probably faces tougher prospects – but she probably has reason to sweat beyond the Nevada heat.