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New Iowa Poll: Edwards Keeps Big Lead

Strategic Vision, 600 likely Democratic cacus goers, aged 18+, and conducted February 16-18, 2007. The margin of sampling error is ±4 percentage points.

John Edwards 24%

Hillary Clinton 18%

Barack Obama 18%

Tom Vilsack 14%

Joe Biden 5%

Bill Richardson 3%

Wesley Clark 2%

Chris Dodd 1%

Dennis Kucinich 1%

Undecided 14%

I should note that for all my disdain for Edwards, his path to the nomination seems surprisingly plausible. He’s ahead in Iowa; because of his close union ties he could/should win Nevada; he finished second in New Hampshire last time, and he could/should win South Carolina. One can see him finishing first or second in the first four primaries, and with that, getting some serious momentum and establishing himself as the Not Hillary or Not Obama candidate…


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