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New Jersey Government Touts Employment Program That Has Created . . . Four Jobs

Boy, Gov. Jon Corzine has a lot to brag about in New Jersey:

Construction was the single industry hit the hardest, with 4,000 jobs lost, particularly in the residential sector, said David Socolow, commissioner of the Department of Labor and Workforce Development.

Corzine said policies his opponent favors are what got New Jersey into the mess to begin with.

“Those problems were brought on by the kinds of policies — tax cuts for the very wealthy, tax cuts for insurance companies and big business — that are the kinds of policies that one of my opponents wants to bring to New Jersey,” Corzine said. “The fact is we’re doing as much or more than any place in the country to put people back to work.”

One program, which launched a month ago, gives $3,000 to employers who hire people whose unemployment benefits have run out. Four people have been hired so far through the program, Socolow said.

Four jobs. Way to go, governor.


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