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New Jersey’s Sunny Job Numbers Reach Their Expiration Date, for the Fifth Straight Time

This morning, I noted that the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development has put out good initial private-sector employment numbers — numbers that were touted in ads by Gov. Jon Corzine — before revising those numbers downward the following month . . . for four months in a row.

This afternoon, we learn that for the fifth straight month, New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development revises their employment numbers downward.

From the state’s release:

“The latest national and state employment estimates show that New Jersey was not immune from the national trend,” said New Jersey Labor Commissioner David J. Socolow. “We had two consecutive months of private sector job growth, and as the deepest global recession in many decades eases, we expect to return to that trend.  Since the beginning of the global recession in December 2007, New Jersey has lost a much smaller share of private sector jobs than has the nation (-4.7% NJ vs. -6.3% US).  While overall employment has declined by 5.2 percent across the nation (-7.2 million jobs), New Jersey has lost a smaller share of total employment, as jobholding has fallen 4.1 percent in the Garden State (-168,500 jobs),” Socolow said.

When the job number improves, it’s a sign that “Governor Corzine’s economic recovery initiatives are fostering job creation”; when the job numbers look worse, it’s because the state isn’t immune to the national trend. Got it.

It’s not clear that New Jersey has a state government; it appears that instead its residents have a large, union-dominated Corzine reelection structure that is centered in Trenton.


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