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New Poll: Americans Mostly ‘Meh’ on Fiscal Cliff Deal

ABC News has a new poll on the fiscal cliff deal:

Americans give a lukewarm response to last week’s agreement to avoid the fiscal cliff, albeit with higher marks for the deal to President Obama than to House Speaker John Boehner.

More people in this ABC News/Washington Post poll approve than disapprove of the agreement, but just by a 7-point margin, 45 to 38 percent, with a substantial 17 percent undecided. Moreover, intensity is on the negative side: “Strong” critics of the deal outnumber its strong proponents by 2-1.

Because the cliff passed without any significant economic disruption — no spending cuts to any popular programs, and most Americans not seeing their income taxes go up (even though their payroll taxes went up — one would expect most of the public to shrug their shoulders.


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