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New Poll Puts Cain Ahead of Obama

I’m not terribly familiar with this firm, Poll Position, and they’re using automated voice-survey techology (robo-pollsters, like Rasmussen), but their new survey result is worth mentioning because of the tidal shift it might represent: Herman Cain beating Barack Obama in a head-to-head matchup.

Yes, that Herman Cain, the widely liked former pizza executive whom most folks didn’t take seriously because he had never been elected to any public office before.

They find Cain with 43.3 percent and Obama with 41.3 percent.  In their results, Cain takes 24 percent of the African-American vote.

Interestingly, 18.2 percent of whites remain undecided in this match-up, with only 4 percent of African-Americans undecided. Also interestingly, 12.5 percent of Republicans vote for Obama in their sample, while 18.9 percent of Democrats cross over to Cain.

Their sample splits 33.4 percent Democrat, 32.2 percent Republican, 34.2 percent independent.

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