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New Rule: If You’re Going to Advise a Candidate on National Security, Know How to Open a Car Hood

Rush Limbaugh mentioned this story on his program today, and in the process, raised the question of just what you have to do to get Hillary Clinton to ditch you as a national security adviser to her campaign:

Sandy Berger was visiting the building at 4400 Jenifer St. near the D.C.-Maryland line last week when he ran into car trouble.
The former national security adviser to President Clinton — and current foreign policy consultant to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign — needed a jump-start on the parking level.
So who should happen by but an employee of conservative talk station WMAL, whose studios are in the building.
Offering to lend a hand to the Democratic stalwart, WMAL’s Mark Carr pulled around the station’s promotional SUV — the one that’s emblazoned with the visages of conservative talkers and liberal boogeymen Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity.
“You get your help where you can,” said one source at the station. This despite the fact that the real Limbaugh has taken to calling Berger “Sandy Burglar,” after it was revealed that Berger removed classified documents from the National Archives by stuffing them into his pants, jacket and socks.
As for Berger, he’s no grease monkey.
“He didn’t know how to open the hood,” said Carr, who also had to push Berger’s car away from the wall before jumping it. “He extended $20, and I took it because he didn’t lift a finger” during the process.

Manly crew these Democrats run with, huh? First Bob Shrum never learned how to drive, and now Sandy Berger can’t pop the hood. If it’s any help, Mr. Berger, on my car the release is underneath the dashboard on the left hand side. Maybe you can keep the owner’s manual in your socks for circumstances like this.

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