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New York Times: Hey, Obama Hosts a Lot of Fundraisers, Doesn’t He?

The New York Times acknowledges what many of Obama’s critics have been pointing out for months:

A seat at a state dinner is a relatively painless way for presidents to thank supporters and a time-honored perk of donordom. But Mr. Obama has a particular large group of friends to thank: He has been holding fund-raising events at a far more rapid pace than his predecessors, hoping to build a cash advantage that will carry him to re-election this fall.

I’ve said that his furious schedule of fundraisers is driven less by a need for campaign cash than by his ego’s need for constant praise and adoration.

Notice this detail as well:

Mr. Obama also invited Hamilton E. James, Jr., the billionaire second-in-command at private equity company Blackstone, who Obama allies have been avidly courting as a potential fund-raiser and donor.

I guess that’s one way for the richest 1 percent to pay their fair share.


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