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Newsweek, Portraying Romney as a Dancing Lunatic

I find Newsweek’s cover illustration appalling.

The article itself is not that bad, covering a lot of ground about the history of the faith and the values of the modern community. But obviously they had to feature the cover that makes the GOP frontrunner look like a lunatic. On the inside of the magazine, they feature a slew of photos:

1. Angel Moroni. 2. Salt Lake Temple. 3. Brigham Young. 4. Mormon church founder Joseph Smith.5. GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney. 6. Prophet Thomas S. Monson (current head of the Mormon church). 7. Playwright Neil LaBute. 8. Actor Andrew Rannells playing a missionary in the Broadway musical The Book of Mormon. 9. Harry Reid (D-Nev.), Senate majority leader. 10. Potential GOP presidential candidateJon Huntsman Jr. 11. The cast of HBO’s Big Love. 12. Ken Jennings, Jeopardy! champion. 13. Football star Steve Young. 14. Highly Effective author Stephen Covey. 15. Twilight author Stephenie Meyer. 16. Entertainers Donny and Marie Osmond. 17. Singer Brandon Flowers of the band the Killers. 18. Actress Katherine Heigl.19. Glenn Beck of Fox News. 20. Actor Ryan Gosling. 21. Singer Gladys Knight.

Nope. They had to take the GOP frontrunner and make him look like a deranged escapee from the set of “Glee.” Romney’s head is, in fact, put onto the image from the poster for the South Park guys’ musical.


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