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The NFL Version of the Newt-Mitt Rivalry?

Over in New York magazine, I’m quoted comparing Newt Gingrich to a particular NFL football coach. After further review, I realized there’s a reason that the Gingrich-Romney rivalry seems so familiar.

Newt Gingrich is heavy-set, boisterous, loud, almost always outrageous and entertaining, known for his complicated and innovative thinking, particularly on defense, often coming up with crazy schemes that sometimes work, and sometimes blow up in his face. Has some big wins, particularly as a coordinator, but has fallen short and is still looking for the big win for all the marbles.

Mitt Romney is from New England and is widely thought of as cold, impersonal, hard to really know personally, analytical and willing to take on and let go ideas and personnel as needed. He’s considered ruthless in his pursuit of victory, and his opponents claim he cheats and plays dirty. He’s not liked, but he has demonstrated an ability to win when it counts, and even runs up the score.


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