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In Nick Popaditch vs. a Cartoonist, I Know Who I Bet On

One of the Republican House challengers in California who really stand out this year is Nick Popaditch; one of his fans urged me to write about him again. I have a feeling you’ll be hearing a lot about him quite soon.

The Purple Heart and Silver Star–winning Marine lost an eye in the first battle for Fallujah. A cartoon in one of the local papers, the Imperial Valley Press, depicts two teenagers looking at a campaign poster depicting his face and declaring it reminds them of “a James Bond super-villain? A bald pirate? Uncle Fester with an eyepatch?”

Blackfive lays it all out.

I think the cartoonist may have been aiming to mock the kids on skateboards; the lament, I suspect, is that “these kids these days” associate eye-patches with pirates or James Bond villains instead of heroic wounded veterans. Still, it probably would have been useful to put something about how Popaditch lost his eye in the cartoon; otherwise we don’t know if we’re supposed to laugh with the kids or laugh at them (or, more appropriately, want to rebuke them). I can’t believe any editor looked at it and didn’t realize that there’s really nothing in the cartoon indicating that the kids are being a pair of ignorant, classless jerks.

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