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No, Virginia, Your State Will Not Provide Obama With a Running Mate

Senator Angry Potato Jim Webb takes his name out of the running to be the Democratic vice-presidential nominee.

Some guy lacking foresight wrote last year, “I have a really hard time seeing [an Obama-Feinstein ticket] (and hard time picturing Obama getting the nomination)… You know who would make a fascinating running mate for Obama, if he’s running as the man who can get us out of Iraq? Jim Webb. Might as well make the whole ticket fresh-faced glamour with little taint of Washington experience.”
The chances of Obama selecting a Virginian as his running mate now seem pretty slim. Mark Warner is set on the Senate race, and while he’d make an attractive choice for Obama, he would leave the state party in the lurch in a race that looks extremely winnable. Governor Tim Kaine was one of the first to endorse Obama, but he’s been in office three years and change — only reinforcing the “experience” card. (Also, the current lieutenant governor is a Republican, and is first in line of succession if the governor leaves office.)

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