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Non-Folksy Emotion From Fred Thompson?

Thompson mentions his “100 percent pro-life voting record.”

“That’s who I was then, that’s who I am today, and that’s the kind of president I would be.”
His stance on embryonic stem cell research is blunt and direct: “You don’t create life in order to destroy it.”
After talking that while his head and his voting record were always in the right place on abortion, “it took life’s experiences for me to appreciate the importance of it all.” He talks about seeing the sonogram of his daughter: “I will never feel exactly the same again…. my heart is now fully engaged with my head.” He almost chokes up. “No legislation will pass my desk that supports this procedure without my veto.”
I think it’s the first time I’ve seen Thompson show an emotion on the stump beyond boy-can’t-these-guys-in-Washington-get-anything-right head-shaking.


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