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Not Another Missing Governor?

The bad news is that the Washington Post doesn’t know where Virginia governor Tim Kaine is. The good news is they’re pretty sure he’s not in Appalachia or Argentina:

But repeated attempts to review Kaine’s schedule – in Richmond, around the state or across the country — before and after he became DNC chairman in late January have been unsuccessful. The Washington Post has requested Kaine’s calendar through the governor’s office, the DNC and his political action committee, Moving Virginia Forward. The requests have been denied or gone unanswered.

Kaine’s office cites security and privacy concerns, as well as state law, court rulings and precedent, in declining to release a full schedule of his travels and activities. Requests for travel records and the cost of his security detail were also denied.

Contemplating a second governor whose whereabouts are unclear, I’m reminded of the line at the end of The Hunt for Red October: “Andrei, have you lost another submarine?”

Can we put a LoJack on these guys or something?


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