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Not a Sign of Confidence, Methinks

A Virginia voter claims to have received five robo-calls for Terry McAuliffe in three hours.

If this claim is true, it is not a preplanned campaign strategy so much as obsessive-compulsive disorder.

UPDATE: Some reports on turnout are trickling in:

I voted a little before 9 a.m . . . I was #34. I know you’re very aware that Chesterfield County, south of Richmond where I live, is considered a GOP stronghold — yet turnout in Chesterfield was so low in November (~30,000 fewer voters vs 2004, I’d have to check?) that it nudged the networks to call Virginia early for Obama.
Anyway . . . Democrats made major inroads to win County Supervisor elections in the past 2 years, and we have all this talk of Virginia turning blue or at least purple. I was expecting to see lots of signs and/or some people at my polling place, perhaps tweak the rudderless party that’s “out of power,” in the state that saw Virginia vote democratic for the first time in 34 years?

Nope. No volunteers here. And none of the 3 democrat candidates for governor even had signs in the vicinity of my polling place. I’ve lived in 7 states, and I’ve never seen a polling place without signs in the area. Weird.


I live in the valley . . . I haven’t heard anyone even mention a primary and I’ve barely seen any signs. Of course I’m in a mostly Republican area and there is no big contest there . . . I recently returned from the beach and as I drove through Norfolk over the weekend the radio was inundated by Democrat campaign ads.

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