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Nothing Like a D+9 National Sample to Cheer Up Obama

In the third-from-the-bottom paragraph in the Washington Post’s article – the 17th paragraph — on its new poll out this morning, showing President Obama leading, 49 percent to 46 percent, among likely voters:

Partisan identification fluctuates from poll to poll as basic orientations shift and with the sampling variability that accompanies each randomly selected sample of voters. In the current poll, Democrats outnumber Republicans by nine percentage points among likely voters; the previous three Post-ABC polls had three-, six- and five-percentage-point edges for Democrats. The presidential contest would now be neck and neck nationally with any of these margins.

So Obama is up three, as long as the party ID is two percentage points more favorable than it was in 2008.

Also note one more data point for the argument that the headlines generated by the BLS numbers, good or bad, don’t really impact voters’ perceptions of the economy:

The slip in the unemployment rate had no meaningful effect on voters’ views of Obama’s stewardship of the economy: 47 percent of all voters continue to approve of the job he is doing on the issue, and 51 percent disapprove. Majorities have consistently given the president negative reviews on the economy, going back more than two years.


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