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The NRCC, Harvesting a New Message on the Vine

I’ll end the week by sharing two items from the Friday edition of the Morning Jolt. First, a Jolt/Campaign Spot exclusive . . .

The NRCC, Harvesting a New Message on the Vine

Are you familiar with Vine?

It’s sort of “Twitter for video.” Basically, it’s a network designed for sharing six-second snippets of video. Mini-YouTube, if you will. I’m not quite convinced that this will take off, but I’m sure some folks said the same thing about 140-characters-or-less messages when Twitter debuted. Anyway, in a Morning Jolt/Campaign Spot exclusive, you can check out the National Republican Congressional Committee’s debut effort in using this mobile service.

The National Republican Congressional Committee today released a 6 second Vine ad on Elizabeth Colbert Busch’s unwavering support for unions at the expense of South Carolina jobs.

Colbert Busch has said union voices need to be “lifted up” and even took campaign cash from the same union that tried to destroy South Carolina jobs. Unions have enough of a voice in Washington, they don’t need Elizabeth Colbert Busch too.

This is the first time a political organization has launched an actual ad on Vine to attack an opponent. Vine ads can easily be shared and are a new frontier of political media.

“Elizabeth Colbert Busch has consistently sided with the union that tried to destroy South Carolina jobs,” said NRCC Regional Press Secretary Katie Prill. “She can dodge debates and questions over her shady alliance with these unions, but she can’t hide from the truth. The families of South Carolina deserve a voice in Congress, but Elizabeth Colbert Busch is only concerned with being the voice of unions in Washington.”

Elizabeth Colbert Busch Said The Voices Of All Unions Need To Be “Lifted Up.” “‘The voices of the union — of all unions — need to be lifted up,’ Colbert Busch said.” (Paige Lavender, “Jim Clyburn: Elizabeth Colbert Busch Will Protect Workers’ Rights In Congress,” The Huffington Post, 2/16/13)

National Review Online: “Colbert Busch Took Money From Union That Opposed S.C. Boeing Plant” (Jim Geraghty, “Colbert Busch took Money From Union That Opposed S.C. Boeing Plant,” National Review Online, 4/9/13)

A big deal? A passing fad? I guess we’ll see. But it’s good to see the NRCC trying new approaches and technologies and seeing what works.



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