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NRCC Hitting House Democrats on ‘The Airport For No One’

The National Republican Congressional Committee will be taking to the radio airwaves, calling attention to eight House Democrats for wasting money by approving — by voting for the stimulus.

The lawmakers are Larry Kissell of North Carolina, Harry Teague of New Mexico, Kurt Schrader of Oregon, Michael Arcuri of New York, Carol Shea Porter of New Hampshire, Vic Snyder of Arkansas, Mark Schauer of Michigan, and Stephanie Herseth of South Dakota

The version running against Kurt Schrader can be heard here. The core of the message is:

“Kurt Schrader voted for Nancy Pelosi’s wasteful $787 billion spending plan. Schrader’s been voting with Pelosi 97 percent of the time. It’s unbridled power, with no accountability. ABC News says $800,000 went to repave for a runway at a Pennsylvania airport that only has three flights a day. It’s the airport for no one. The airport averages just 20 passengers a day — but one of those customers happens to be a powerful Democratic Congressman, John Murtha. Coincidence? You decide.”