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The NRSC Has a Feeling About Tim Kaine’s Feeling

Is Barack Obama a liability in Virginia, the swing state he’s traveling through today? The National Republican Senatorial Committee certainly thinks so, in this ad unveiled this morning:

Tim Kaine will have a tougher time separating himself from Obama than your average Democrat, as he was Obama’s pick to be DNC chair and served in that role during his final year as governor.

Notice this line in today’s Washington Post:

The White House had considered stops in Danville, Newport News, Charlottesville and Fredericksburg. But prominent Democrats in Virginia — where Obama’s approval rating hovers around 50 percent — encouraged the White House to alter the schedule so he would no longer visit districts where members of his party were involved in tight elections. Instead, Obama will speak at a high school in Emporia on Tuesday, and Langley Air Force Base in Hampton and a fire station in Chesterfield County outside Richmond on Wednesday. He will be joined by first lady Michelle Obama in Hampton.

Guess who isn’t appearing with Obama during this trip through the state? Tim Kaine.

So when the Post refers to “prominent Democrats in Virginia” — who else could they be talking about besides Tim Kaine?


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