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NYC/Philadelphia Markets Remain Almost-All Corzine, All The Time

The Nielsen folks update us on the total amount of television advertising in the governor’s races.
In Virginia, Republican Bob McDonnell is modestly ahead: Since September 21st, McDonnell has out-placed Democrat Creigh Deeds, 6,215 to 5,718. (This is counting every ad on every channel, as I understand it.) Interestingly, they’re about tied in the Washington, D.C. market.
In New Jersey, the deluge of ads from the Democratic incumbent continues. Jon Corzine’s campaign placed almost 2-1/2 times as many ads on New Jersey TVs as Republican Christie: From September 21st through October 19th, Corzine led 4,131 to 1,786.
Nielsen notes: “But ads placed by the campaigns alone do not tell the entire story in New Jersey. The Republican Governors’ Association has chipped in with its own advertising on behalf of Christie. The RGA placed over 900 ads over the last month to help close the gap.” Strangely, Nielsen has no numbers for the Democratic Governors Association.


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