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Obama: $34,250 in Donations from Bain Employees This Cycle

Each time an Obama apologist tells you that Bain Capital is the root of all evil in the economy, remind them that President Obama has accepted $34,250 from employees of Bain Capital so far this cycle.

Most of the donors are senior executives who were with Bain when it made all of those allegedly controversial decisions from 1999 to 2002 that the Obama campaign is so focused upon.

Obama’s donors include managing director Joshua Bekenstein (at Bain since it began, including the Romney years); chief compliance officer Alan Halfenger; managing director & chief investment officer Jonathan Lavine (an Obama “bundler” of large donations from multiple donors), who has been with Bain since 1993; managing director Seth Meisel (began in 1999); managing director Mark Nunnelly (began in 1993); managing director Stephen Pagliuca (began in 1989); deputy general counsel Ranesh Ramanathan; and managing director Ted Berk (joined in 1997).

Of the above, Halfenger, Lavine, Meisel, Nunnelly, Pagliuca, and Ramanathan have donated the legal maximum of $5,000; two separate payments of $2,500 to Obama’s primary and general-election campaigns.

In other words, the Obama campaign asserts that the decisions made by Bain Capital from 1999 to 2002 — when Romney was off fixing ski jumps and such over in Salt Lake City — disqualify him from the presidency, but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with accepting donations from everyone else in Bain Capital’s leadership at that time.


Oh, and in the 2008 cycle, Obama accepted $58,270 from employees of Bain Capital.


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