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An Obama Campaign Co-Chair Refers To ‘Monica’s Blue Dress’

The Clinton campaign has its latest how-dare-you moment. ABC News notes that Gordon Fischer, the former director of the Iowa Democratic Party and co-chair for Sen. Barack Obama’s efforts in the Hawkeye State, wrote the following on his blog:

“When Joe McCarthy questioned others’ patriotism, McCarthy (1) actually believed, at least aparently (sic), the questions were genuine, and (2) he did so in order to build up, not tear down, his own party, the GOP. Bill Clinton cannot possibly seriously believe Obama is not a patriot, and cannot possibly be said to be helping — instead he is hurting — his own party. B. Clinton should never be forgiven. Period. This is a stain on his legacy, much worse, much deeper, than the one on Monica’s blue dress.”

Fischer has since apologized and removed the post.
On the Clinton campaign’s daily conference call, spokesman Howard Wolfson assails the Obama campaigns “decision to embrace [Ret. Gen. Merril] McPeak comparing Clinton to Joe McCarthy … And the comments Gordon Fisher reported on Their promise to attack Sen. Clinton is one they intend to keep. They have made clear they intend to attack her character and candor on a personal manner on a daily basis.”
A reporter asks James Carville’s comparison of Bill Richardson to Judas and asks Wolfson who Jesus is in that analogy. “You’ll have to ask Carville about that analogy… I was asked about that this morning, I said it’s not something I agree with. Governor Richardson has very ably served his party and his country.”
Wolfson tap-dances when asked about the “sniper fire” comment from Hillary, emphasizing that there was a danger and that she was eager to greet U.S. troops.


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