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Obama Campaign Unveils Luxury Line of Merchandise

The Thursday Morning Jolt features a long discussion of whether conservatives can create popular culture, a look at Barack Obama, renowned scholar of Judaism, and then this gem of very, very upscale Obama campaign marketing:

Finally, the Obama Campaign Unveils Its Luxury Designer Item Collection

Nothing screams “I’m sensitive to the economic struggles of my fellow Americans” like purchasing an $85 Vera Wang–designed custom canvas tote bag at the store.

Or the $45 t-shirt designed by Sean John.

Or the $95 scarf designed by Thakoon Panichgul of Thakoon.

Or the $85 wallet designed by Grace Tsao-Wu and Laura Kofoid of Laudi Vidni.

Remember, purchasing and flaunting these items is the very best way to show all your friends on the Upper West Side or Soho that you’re not like that snob Mitt Romney and the One Percent; you’re socially conscious and sensitive to the less fortunate and a proud opponent of the right-wing culture’s mindless consumerism and celebration of conspicuous consumption. Bring it to the next $40,000-per-plate dinner hosted by George Clooney!



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