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Obama Can Make Colorado Purple, But Hillary Can’t?

For a long while, McCain was running even or slightly ahead of Hillary Clinton in many places, and running behind Barack Obama. Lately McCain’s numbers have improved, and he’s running even, or ahead of both in most recent polls.

But Rasmussen suggests that in Colorado, a red state might turn blue if Obama’s the nominee, while Hillary appears to have little chance there.
A little more than a month ago:

Barack Obama (D) currently holds a seven-point advantage over John McCain (R), 46% to 39%. However, if the Democrats nominate Hillary Clinton, McCain will begin the race with a fourteen point advantage, 49% to 35%.

That was during Obama’s big winning streak. Obama has a terrible couple of weeks, and today from Rasmussen we learn…

The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey in Colorado shows McCain tied with Barack Obama at 46% while enjoying a 52% to 38% advantage over Hillary Clinton.

We’ve seen Obama running ahead of Hillary in some states, but an 11 or 12 point difference? What’s got him so popular there, and her so unpopular? Does Obama come across as a mountain state kind of guy? Is he related to John Elway or something?

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