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Obama: Can You Believe the Iranian Regime Is Mistranslating Me?

Since I don’t often agree with the president, it’s pleasant and refreshing when I do; his remarks on Iran today were largely what I wanted to hear. Probably the most quoted comment from this press conference will be his initial one-word response when asked about his reaction to the video of Neda’s murder: “Heartbreaking.”

A couple of readers said they thought that Obama seemed particularly thin-skinned on certain questions. He disputed the premise of Major Garrett’s question. He kept insisting that his position on Iran hadn’t changed. He asked Jake Tapper if he was the ombudsman for the White House press corps when Tapper asserted that Obama hadn’t answered an earlier question. When Tapper made a reference to Obama’s “Spock-like logic,” Obama jokingly asked if that was poking fun at his ears. He emphasized that the press thought in 24-hour news cycles but that he didn’t. He wasn’t quite offended by the question about his smoking habits, but he certainly made clear he thought it was an irrelevant question.

I was glad that Obama called out the Iranian regime for mistranslating his comments, trying to make it appear that he was encouraging anti-regime protests and violence. But there was something odd about how Obama seemed surprised, incredulous, and almost offended by it.

Mr. President, a regime that will shoot its own people to stop a protest isn’t above putting words in your mouth.


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