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Obama: To Change Things, Keep Me Where I Am!

The week begins with a particularly meaty Morning Jolt, featuring a look at our current era of the Tyranny of the Low-Information Voter, a special message from the Romney campaign, why your long-lost pet may end up being registered to vote by a left-leaning group, and then this surprising message from the president:

‘This Campaign Is About Change,’ Pledges Embattled Incumbent

The good news of the weekend is that Mitt Romney’s message on President Obama’s economic stewardship received a high-profile endorsement from . . . President Obama.

President Obama won’t be caught criticizing Mitt Romney for arguing that his administration hasn’t pulled the economy far enough out of the hole it was in four years ago, the president told CBS News in an exclusive interview, “because if I was in his shoes, I’d be making the same argument.”

Sitting down recently with Charlie Rose in the Blue Room of the White House, Mr. Obama and first lady Michelle Obama reflected on lessons learned during their first term, one of the biggest being, “In this office, everything takes a little longer than you’d like,” the president said.

Also notice this comment:

“Well, it’s funny, you know? I just came back from a bus tour in Ohio. And we’re now starting to get in the campaign swing. And I tell people, ‘This campaign’s still about hope.’ If somebody asks me, it’s still about change.”

Obama 2012: Because the only way you can change things is by leaving them as they are.

Obama’s argument leaves Susan Duclos scoffing:

According to the latest ABC News/Washington Post poll, 63 percent of believe the country is heading in the wrong direction under Obama. In the discussion above, Obama admits the 8.2 percent unemployment is unlikely to change in the near future. Of course Obama would be making the same argument if he were in Romney’s shoes, it is a valid argument. Give me four more years to head in the same direction the majority of you feel is the wrong direction, is not exactly persuasive.

Elsewhere in the interview Obama laments that he underestimated the power of ‘politics’ in Washington, which leaves Rick Moran incredulous:

The guy was in the U.S. Senate and he didn’t know that “politics trumps problem solving” in DC? He is either lying, or incredibly stupid and naive.

There’s a reason politics is so important — not everyone agrees with Obama and his idea of “change.” The opposition uses politics to oppose the president and his idea of “problem solving.”

There is a breathtaking arrogance inherent in his whining. He can’t understand why Republicans just don’t lie down and accept his superior wisdom on health care, financial regulation, global warming, and other issues.

After all, he “won” didn’t he?

At least Obama got good headlines out of this interview, ones like, ‘Obama: DC ‘feels as broken as it did 4 years ago.’

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