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Obama to Discuss Sequester Over $85/Head Dinner

The White House’s efforts to relieve the pain of the sequester continue:

Obama will dine with some one dozen Senate Republicans on Wednesday night at a downtown Washington hotel, the White House announced.

The White House did not provide a guest list for tonight’s dinner, which is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. at the Jefferson Hotel unless bad weather forces a postponement.

The Jefferson Hotel features three places to eat; however, one is only open for breakfast and lunch and another is a lounge/cocktail bar.

At the restaurant, “Plume”, they offer a “Prix Fixe Menu,” which starts at $85. The sample tasting menu is $110; it costs $195 with the “Classic Wine Experience,” $275 with the “Premium Wine Experience.”

For a mere $1,776 you can enjoy, “The 1776 Food and Wine Experience.”


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