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Obama Doesn’t Want to Say Whether He’ll Overturn Policy Biden Called ‘Shameful’

From last night’s press conference:

Ed Henry, CNN: . . . And related to that, there’s a Pentagon policy that bans media coverage of the flag-draped coffins from coming in to Dover Air Force Base. And back in 2004, then-Sen. Joe Biden said that it was shameful for dead soldiers to be, quote, “snuck back into the country under the cover of night.”

You’ve promised unprecedented transparency, openness in your government. Will you overturn that policy so the American people can see the full human cost of war?

Obama: [After mentioning four soldiers killed in Iraq, and offering prayers to their families]  . . . Now, with respect to the policy of opening up media to loved ones being brought back home, we are in the process of reviewing those policies in conversations with the Department of Defense, so I don’t want to give you an answer now before I’ve evaluated that review and understand all the implications involved.


There are two honest answers here. “Yes, the policy is indeed shameful, and I will overturn it,” or “No, there are good reasons for the policy, and Joe was demagoguing the issue for a cheap applause line and didn’t know what he was talking about.”


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