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Obama: Health-Care Providers Need Financial Incentives to Encourage Patients to Eat Right, Exercise

Obama, yesterday:

The problem is, there’s currently no financial incentive for health care providers to offer services that will encourage patients to eat right or exercise or go for annual check-ups and screenings that can help detect diseases early.

Hillary, May 24:

Now, how have our costs spiraled out of control like this? Well, about 30% of the rise in health care spending is linked to the doubling of obesity among adults over the past 20 years. In other words, if our obesity levels had remained at 1990 levels, we would be spending 10% less on health care today — a savings of $220 billion.

Wait, Americans need encouragement from a health-care provider to eat right, exercise, and get check-ups? Shortness of breath isn’t enough? Trouble climbing stairs isn’t enough? Trouble fitting in an airline seat isn’t enough?
And those health-care providers need financial incentives to encourage patients to eat right and exercise? Ah, that explains why my doctor keeps telling me to eat more junk food.
I do give Obama a bit of credit for this line in the speech:

But in the end, prevention only works if we take responsibility for our own health and make the right decisions in our own lives – if we eat the right foods, and stay active, and listen to our wives when they tell us to stop smoking.

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