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Obama Health-Care Speech Bingo

I’m sure you can think of your own cliches and predictable lines, but here’s 25 to get you started. I’d note that making this into a drinking game can easily lead to alcohol poisoning.

1. “The time to act is now.”
2. “Critics of this plan would have us do nothing.”
3. “For too long, we have spent too much money to get too little care.”
4. “The current path is unsustainable. Nothing less than a complete overhaul will give Americans the care they deserve.”
5. “Under my plan, nothing will change for you and your doctor.”
6. “This plan will cover more people, and give better care for everyone.”
7. “This plan will spend less money.”
8. “This debate has been far too divisive, with proponents losing heart, and opponents losing fingers.”
9. “The public option is the best choice, a serious solution, and absolutely necessary for real reform. (applause) Now, that’s not a veto threat.”

10.  “Yes, some say we’ve overestimated the savings from preventative care, perhaps exponentially. But others who I will not name say we’ve underestimated the savings.”

11. “It’s unsustainable for Americans like [insert tragic anecdote here].”
12. “It’s time to put aside silly, meaningless terms like ’socialized medicine’ and ‘death panels’ and ‘the CBO says’ and ‘Douglas Elmendorf.’”
13. “People look at our national deficit ballooning, trillion after trillion, and ask, ‘How can we afford this?’ I look at the same numbers and ask, ‘How can we not?’”
14. “I am tired of hearing insurance companies complain about preexisting conditions. It, like the economy and two wars, is just another problem I inherited from my predecessor.”
15. “As I have said many times before . . .”
16. “Last year, I attacked my opponent for proposing a new tax on employer-based health insurance benefits. Tonight, I will reach across the aisle . . .”
17. “Now I will attempt to undermine potential future rival Mitt Romney by talking about how his plan in Massachusetts is a lot like mine . . .”
18. “I look forward to the day when no 11-year-old girl has to ask me about mean signs in the parking lot.”
19. “Everything about this plan tells us it will be as effective at providing care as the stimulus is at creating jobs.”
20. “By some estimates, wellness programs could reduce our medical costs to zero.”
21. “Let me be clear.”
22. “The American people did not send you here to squabble. They sent you here to help me create a fantastic and historic bill-signing ceremony.”
23. “Remember Ted Kennedy. One look at this man, and you knew he understood the importance of good health to all Americans.”
24. “Sometimes your tonsils are just fine.”
25. “As I said in March, the time to act is now.”


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