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Obama: I Didn’t Publicly Denounce Wright Because He Was About To Retire

Obama, to CNN, after his speech:

Asked why he didn’t denounce the controversial comment when he first heard of them more than a year ago, Obama noted Wright was on the verge of retirement.
“I told him that I profoundly disagreed with his positions. As I said before, he was on, at that stage, on the verge of retirement. … You make decisions about these issues. And my belief was that given that he was about to retire, that for me to make a political statement respecting my church at that time wasn’t necessary.”

So… if Don Imus decides to retire soon, and lets loose with controversial comments right before he hangs up his microphone, does he get a pass, too?
Maybe we’ll soon be able to get Wright’s opinion of all this: “Wright, 66, is the featured speaker at a revival Tuesday through Thursday of next week, in celebration of the Temple Terrace church’s 10th anniversary.”


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