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Obama: I’m Spending Taxpayer Dollars In Order to Protect the Taxpayer

Obama’s speech moments ago on why he’s authorizing another $30 billion to GM was pretty fascinating for the number of times the President emphasized that he didn’t want to do precisely what he was doing. After a while, the endless, “I have no intention to run GM” pledges begin to sound a bit like the guy insisting he means to eat healthier and cut back on the fatty foods… in a little while.

He actually used the line, “I’m not spending this amount because I want to spend taxpayers dollars; I’m doing this to protect taxpayers”, which I suspect will stir a combination of incredulousness and mockery. Most people who loudly pledge that they don’t want to do something don’t do it.

UPDATE: Here’s the precise wording: “Understand, we’re making these investments not because I want to spend the American people’s tax dollars, but because I want to protect them.”


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