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Obama Looks Beyond Pennsylvania Today

It’s not quite like Hillary skipping out of South Carolina a few days before that state’s primary… (with six weeks between Mississippi and Pennsylvania on the Democratic primary calendar, it’s natural for candidates to look ahead at other states) …but Barack Obama campaigns in North Carolina today… and one can’t help but wonder if Team Obama would like the media and the world to look past Pennsylvania.

His standing there has gone from bad (at the end of last month, losing 46-42 and 49-43 in Rasmussen and Quinnipiac respectively)  to much, much worse: Down 56 to 30 in Public Policy Polling, down 53 to 41 in Quinnipiac, down 51 to 38 in Rasmussen, down 55 to 36 in Survey USA…
North Carolina is, on paper, much friendlier territory. But we may have a bit of a Wright effect there as well. Last month, Obama led the polling in that state 42-40, 50-40, 45-31, and 38-24.
This month, Obama’s leads are more modest: 47-43, 47-40, 49-41. 


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