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Obama, Not Checking With Virginia Democrats Before Visiting

Over on the home page, a look at how Obama’s original proposed intinerary through Virginia this week was about as bad as it could be for vulnerable Democrats in the state legislature, attempting to distance themselves from Obama before state elections in November. The Obama “let’s spend money to create jobs” tour has been altered to keep him away from state lawmakers who are trying to distance themselves from “runaway spending” in Washington.

I liked this assessment of the GOP’s advertising in this year’s state legislative elections:

(It undoubtedly helps to have a Republican governor whose approval rating ranges from 62 to 70 percent — Bob McDonnell features heavily in ads for his party’s candidates this cycle. “If you didn’t know better, you would think Bob McDonnell is running for reelection, and some other guys pop up on the screen every now and then,” laughs one Virginia Republican.)