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Obama Official: Hey, the Fundraising Video Is Cool, It’s Just the Residence

ABC News’ Jake Tapper looks at President Obama filming a fundraising pitch inside the walls of the White House:

A White House official told ABC News that filming the video in the White House residence “is entirely appropriate. The legal restriction is only that we cannot solicit funds in certain offices in the White House which we’re not doing.” The DNC brought the film crew and paid for it.

Tapper quotes several “good government” groups who say they’re not particularly bothered by Obama filming a fundraising pitch in the residence portion of the White House.

Since John Adams, the American taxpayer has provided the president with housing and an office, in addition to a salary and other extensive perks. The White House has been rebuilt from fires set by British soldiers and endured rifle fire, a surprisingly long list of intruders, a light plane crash, and attempted terror attacks.

It is where Lincoln sought to preserve the Union, where FDR and Truman managed the Allied effort in World War Two, where Kennedy and his team managed to defuse the Cuban Missile Crisis and where Reagan steered the West to victory in the Cold War. Two presidents and a first lady died there. 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue may be the single most significant address in American history.

And now it is the backdrop for a campaign cash sales pitch. And it’s okay because it’s just the residence.


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