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Obama Raised $25 Million Last Quarter

Barack Obama raised $25 million, according to his campaign, about $1 million behind Hillary. (Of course, Hillary raised for both the primary and the general; no word on how Obama’s total breaks down.)

Well, his campaign must be breathing easier, but money might actually be the least important battlefield between the two. Both of them will have plenty of funds. Edwards should have enough to stay in the race as long as he chooses, and Richardson should be able to keep his campaign going all the way to Iowa at least.
UPDATE: A snark-o-gram arrives from Reason’s David Weigel: “Acc’ing to the campaign $23.5 million is eligible for the primary, $1.5 million for the general. Ah, yes. What a coup it was, Hillary scoring Terry McAuliffe as her top fundraiser.”
Hey, $26 million is still the biggest haul in history. However, any sense of Hillary-the-unstoppable is cracking badly, something that the Clinton campaign should have foreseen and planned for early on.

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