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Obama Salutes Geithner’s ‘Far-Reaching Steps’ to Catch Tax Cheats

President Obama, today: “The Treasury Department and the IRS, under Secretary Geithner’s leadership and Commissioner Shulman’s, are already taking far-reaching steps to catch overseas tax cheats — but they need more support.”

What, is Geithner telling the IRS, “Look for these signs, because that’s how I did it”?

Well, at least the president only praised one tax cheat in his speech denouncing tax cheats

. . . oh, wait:

“These problems have been highlighted by Chairmen Charlie Rangel and Max Baucus, by leaders like Senator Carl Levin and Congressman Lloyd Doggett.”

Geithner and Rangel thanked for helping crack down on tax cheats? What’s next, a ceremony on the importance of accurate information in public-health communication, thanking Joe Biden?


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