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Obama Spokesman Bill Burton vs. Fox News Anchor Bill Hemmer

About ten seconds into Fox News anchor Bill Hemmer’s interview of Obama spokesman Bill Burton, the two start talking over each other.

The trigger is that Hemmer’s got a simple, but uncomfortable question: Did Team Obama know that war injuries made it difficult for McCain to type when they put out their “he doesn’t even use a computer” ad?
Burton ignore the question and just repeats “he doesn’t know how to use a computer” line several times, emphasizing, “I read an interview in the New York Times and the San Francisco chronicle where he said that he was in fact learning to use a computer, but that he hasn’t got the knack yet.”
Hemmer asks, repeatedly and with increasing frustration, whether Burton or the Obama camp was aware about the injuries he suffered in Hanoi,  and their impact on his ability to use a keyboard? Among Burton’s responses: “I think that I was aware of the fact that he said he was learning to use a computer.”
I suppose I should be impressed that anyone from Team Obama even bothers to appear on Fox News. But I guess this is what this election has turned to — ignore the question, recite the talking point, later, rinse, repeat until the segment is over.