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Obama SuperPAC Donor Suddenly Realizes He’s Paying for Negative Ads

Don’t you hate it when you give to a SuperPAC and they surprise you by using that money to run negative ads?

[Former Citizens Financial Group CEO] Lawrence Fish, who’s given $25,000 to Priorities USA Action, called on super-PACs to eschew negative campaigning, even though the Democratic group has funded multiple attack ads including the one this week assailing Romney’s record at Bain.

“I am not comfortable with having my support of the president used in the form of character assassination or negative campaigning,” Fish said. “To the extent that the PACs support negative campaigning, I think it will reflect badly on the candidates.”

[Romney supporter and Staples founder Tom] Stemberg fired back: “Your money’s being used for that, Larry.”

He could always ask for a refund.

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