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Obama: We Must Borrow More to Pay Our Debts!

Obama’s press conference today confirmed that he believes the only way the U.S. government can reassure the world about its ability to repay its debts is to raise the debt ceiling more, so they can borrow more.

America, you cannot complain about “partisan divisions” when you have two parties who assess our finances in such a diametrically opposed manner. To hear Obama and some Democrats tell it, there just isn’t any spending that can be cut outside of the Pentagon.

Fresh off raising income taxes on the rich and a payroll-tax hike (expiration of a cut, really) that hit everyone, Obama also framed the coming debt-ceiling debate as “tax breaks for the rich” and spending on “roads and bridges.” Either the January tax hike didn’t happen in his mind, or he was on rhetorical autopilot.

“I don’t think anyone would find my position unreasonable,” said the man who, as senator, voted against raising the debt ceiling.

After several prickly answers, Obama dismissed the idea that partisan divisions are exacerbated by how rarely he interacts with the opposition socially: “I’m a pretty friendly guy,” he declared.


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