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Obama Will Be Sleeping on Air Force One This Week

I noted below that Obama’s campaign schedule has him traveling, almost exclusively, to college campuses. He’s got a much busier schedule this coming week — even aside from Wednesday night’s taping with Jay Leno — so we’ll be able to see if the pattern continues:

Obama will campaign in Iowa on Wednesday, then hit Colorado, Nevada, Florida and Virginia, cast his ballot early in his home town of Chicago, then stop in Ohio to end the tour.

“As the President crisscrosses the nation, he will spend time on Air Force One calling undecided voters, rallying National Team Leaders and volunteers and continuously engaging with Americans,” his campaign said in a statement.

Obama usually comes back to Washington after one-day campaign trips, or stays in hotels on longer visits, but on this tour he will overnight on the presidential jet between Las Vegas and Tampa to save time for campaign appearances.

The fact that Obama is sleeping on Air Force One suggests the Obama campaign is ratcheting up its intensity another notch this week.


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