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Obamacare, Ending Health Insurance for Families as We Know It

Obamacare, the policy enacted by the party that keeps loudly bragging about standing for the “middle class” and “working families,” is spurring companies to ditch health-insurance coverage of their employees’ working spouses.

But wait, there’s more; companies that aren’t making that move are making employees pay more to cover their spouses, and making employees pay the full cost for their children’s health insurance.

Recall this detail the next time some cheerful liberal emphasizes that Obamacare requires insurers to cover children’s health care:

Although the law requires plans to cover children, it allows companies to pass along the full cost of so-called dependent coverage to the employee, James McTiernan, health care consultant with Triad Gallagher said.

So Obamacare is effectively ending health insurance for families as we know it. Way to go!

The NRCC noticed.

Why does most of the media coverage suggest that Republicans are crazy for wanting to repeal this legislative monstrosity, and the Democrats are sane for wanting to keep it in place?


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