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Obamacare Finds the Poster Boy It Always Deserved

He’s no Pajamahadeen.

Obamacare Finds the Poster Boy It Always Deserved

Hmm. Nope, nope, and nope, pal.

Where to begin? That appears to be a plaid adult onesie, and this is really testing my libertarian live-and-let-live limits. I suspect there’s a reason grown men don’t usually wear onesies. Probably something to do with zippers and midnight trips to the bathroom, and how you really don’t want anything down there getting caught when you’re half asleep and zipping up.

By the way, if you’re in the market for a plaid adult onesie, apparently they cost $69.95. What you wear to bed is your business, but that seems like a lot of money for something you sleep in.

Of course, he’s not sleeping in that; he’s having hot chocolate and discussing health insurance. (Wonder if Michelle signed off on the hot chocolate.) It’s probably fair trade Mexican hot chocolate. It’s spicy, Ibarra. Hard to find but “he knows a guy.” (This is the only point where my mockery is mixed with a bit of envy.)

He appears to be raising his eyebrow and smirking a bit, as if there’s someone directly to his left who he thinks should be quite impressed with him at the moment. Maybe this person just checked out the closet of his Brooklyn apartment and noticed all of the Urban Outfitters, Abercrombie & Fitch, and American Apparel clothes — this is after he’s mentioned to his guest his disdain for “blind consumerism.” Lots of “skinny jeans,” of course. He undoubtedly has already mentioned that he has a lot of vinyl records of a bunch of bands you’ve never heard of, or the early work of your favorite bands “before they went mainstream.” He doesn’t actually need those glasses. He just wears them because he likes the way they “frame his face.”

Obviously, he’s going to be discussing health insurance with someone. He’s wearing his watch, which seems a little odd. Christmas lights — er, wait, it’s an Obamacare ad, probably “Holiday Lights” — are up on the relatively bare walls.

I’m definitely getting a “Pottery Barn Leather Sofa” vibe, which retails for about $2,999. If you’re plunking down $70 for your pajamas, you’re probably not going to be that horrified by the prices on

John Sexton notices:

Oh, my money is on the guy from Big Bang Theory once they throw down in a slap fight.


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