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An ObamaCare Poll Story That Takes a While to Get to the Numbers

I don’t think the poll is entirely good news for opponents of Obamacare, but I think it’s interesting that the Washington Post waits until the seventh paragraph to provide any numbers from their latest poll on public attitudes about Obama and his proposals.

In short, the country is pretty evenly divided, although Obama’s push has accomplished his goal of energizing previously lethargic supporters: “As Congress begins its second week back from August recess, the playing field is virtually level: Americans remain almost deadlocked in their opinion of the Democrats’ health-care initiative, with 46 percent in favor of the proposed changes and 48 percent opposed. There is also a clean split on Obama’s handling of the issue, with 48 percent approving and the same number disapproving. But since mid-August, the percentage “strongly” behind the president on health care has risen to 32 percent, evening out the intensity gap that has plagued him on the subject.”


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