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In Obama’s America, Dreams Have to Be Modest

As noted on Twitter, the Associated Press offers a headline that perhaps summarizes the entire Obama presidency: “Obama promotes modest American dream.”

While Americans are being urged to pursue a more modest American dream, how are the Obamas coping with this new era of diminished expectations?

Well . . .

Back from a long Presidents Day weekend in Aspen, First Lady Michelle Obama is headlining a major donor fund-raiser lunch here before hosting a Blues evening at the White House.

Mrs. Obama is heading to Cincinnati and Louisville on Thursday for more fund-raising in critical battleground turf. On Wednesday, Mrs. Obama will be on a conference call for “Women for Obama,” where she will speak to some 1,000 house parties across the nation.

The Tuesday high dollar fund-raiser–which was not on Mrs. Obama’s original schedule– is for an Obama “Women and Technology” event, an Obama 2012 spokesman said. The lunch is at the Mayflower Hotel with the tab ranging from $5,000 to $20,300 for those who want seating or picture perks.

 . . . and later this week . . .

On Thursday, Obama has an event at the Biltmore Hotel in Miami with contributions ranging from $1,000 to the maximum, $35,800, another hosted by Coral Gables developer Chris Korge, a major “bundler”–someone who uses his personal connections to raise money–where the tab starts at $15,000 to $35,800. Obama flies up to Orlando for dinner at the home of basketball star Vince Carter, held the day before the NBA All Star game in Orlando.


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